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Treatment Methods

We will choose one or more of the following treatment methods to improve your health. 

You will never be forced to undergo any treatment you are not comfortable with.  Please let us know about any concerns before the treatment begins.

Massage Therapy

This is our signature treatment.  Massage is only performed by certified massage therapists in Japan.  Our deep understanding of human anatomy and physiology gives us the ability to provide safe, effective massage.

High Voltage and Micro-Current Stimulation Therapy 

High Voltage is application of direct electrical current to the body to alleviate pain, stimulate blood flow and promote wound healing.

Micro-current therapy uses tiny electrical currents to relieve pain and heal soft tissues damage.

Trigger Point Dry Needling Therapy (TDN)

This method, also known as intramuscular stimulation involves inserting a fine, sterilized, disposable acupuncture needle into the skin and muscle.  While this method also uses needles, it is not the same as traditional acupuncture.  

TDN targets the myofascial trigger points, which are the direct and palpable sources of  pain based on modern neuroanatomical science, whereas acupuncture targets the points that lie on meridians based on the theories of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

TDN interrupts the pain cycle to improve pain control, reduce muscle tension, and normalize biochemical and electrical dysfunctions of the motor system.

Electro-acupuncture (a small pulsating electrical current) may be used.

Cupping Therapy

This technique relieves symptoms by applying cups to the skin.  Suction is generated from a vacuum created inside the cups using heat or other means.  

Activator Method

In this method, a spring-loaded, hand-held instrument is used to provide quick, gentle bursts of force to restore motion to the targeted spinal vertebrae or joints.  It is an alternative to the traditional method of manual chiropractic spinal and joint manipulation, and can be used to treat many types of aches and pains. 

ReaLineⓇCORE Exercises

This simple, 10-minute exercise program in which the patient wears specialized belts on the pelvis and trunk, optimizes spinal motion, enhances functional movement, improves the stability of the trunk, and corrects posture. This unique invention is widely used in orthopedics, rehabilitation and athletics in Japan.  

Radio Frequency Treatment 

In this method, an electrical current produced by a radio wave is used to reduce pain and promote blood circulation.  This established medical treatment is used by leading professional sports teams, hospitals and clinics around the world to achieve fast healing and pain relief.  It is effective for musculoskeletal problems, especially for pain of the neck, back, knee and shoulder.  The treatment produces a sensation of comforting warmth.  Manual soft tissue mobilization techniques are usually combined to maximize the therapeutic effect.  

Corrective Exercises

We teach exercises that are tailored to you as an individual, which you can do independently to improve your health and prevent future problems.


It is a neurofeedback technology that is designed to take advantage of the brain's natural learning processes by encouraging it to function as originally designed. It allows the brain to reconnect with its own internal resources to determine what is appropriate in various situations and how best to cope with this information. This non-invasive promoting encourages the brain to return to far more efficient and effective operation regardless of internal and external challenges and demands. As a result, symptoms and problems simply drop away , seamlessly for most people.

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