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Treatments / Fees

Initial Visit ¥12,000

The initial visit involves an assessment of your medical history and current condition, and physical examinations, which are followed by a physical treatment and corrective training. 

Our goal is to uncover the underlying cause of the problem so we can craft a treatment plan that will achieve sustainable results. We also offer provide ways for you to participate in your recovery and play an active role in maintaining your health.  We strive to produce lasting results that enable you to achieve your health goals.

The initial session usually takes about 90 to 100 minutes.

On return visits, we continue to adjust the strategies and treatment methods we use so they suit your current condition.  You may also choose a treatment from the menu below depending on your needs and time.  

Gift Certificates are also available for your family and friends

Follow-up Visit Menu

<Standard Therapy>

¥10000(75 mins)

¥72000 for 8 times / ¥38000 for 4 times)

(Children up to high school students ¥8000)

Your therapist will choose the best treatment methods for your current symptoms.

<Total-care Therapy>

¥16,000(120 mins)

Recommended for patients who are fatigued, want to relax, or are in severe pain.  Your therapist will choose the best treatment methods for your current symptoms. Our customized therapy will help produce the maximum, long-lasting results.  We also recommend therapeutic and rehabilitative exercises that you can do on your own at home or at the office.

<Maintenance Program>

¥8,000(50 mins)

Recommended for patients who only have minor health issues and can come in regularly for health maintenance. Your therapist will choose the best treatment methods for your current needs.  

<NeorOptimal®︎ Session>

¥6,000(30 mins of session + 10~20 mins of counseling)

¥16,000 for 3 sessions

<Trigger Point Massage Therapy>

¥12,000(90 mins)

In these sessions, direct pressure is applied to specific tender areas in the muscles.  These areas are known as trigger points and can refer pain and other discomfort to other parts of the body.  Treatment usually leads to an immediate release of tension and improved muscle functioning.

<Breathing & Posture Training>

¥64,000(60 mins X 8 times / Once a week)

(Children up to high school students ¥56000)

<Total Body Conditioning(house calls)>

¥20,000(120 mins)

Please call for details. 


*The duration of treatment may vary depending on your conditions.

*Please contact us if you have any questions about our treatments.


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