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since 2014

therapeutic physical care clinic

  • Instagram
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  • YouTube is a therapeutic physical care clinic that provides the finest bodywork, acupuncture therapy & corrective exercises for pain relief and functional improvement.  

  We provide professional care to any clients who are serious about improving their health and well-being.  We help clients recover from injuries, manage/eliminate pain, perform better at work and at their favorite sports and live up to their physical potential, regardless of gender, age, experience or nationality.


  English speaking staff is available.  

Who We Are

Who Comes to

Many of our patients come for :

* musculoskeletal pain such as of the shoulder, back, knee, leg and neck

* stiff or sore muscles

* sports injuries and injury prevention

* herniated discs, sciatica 

* spinal canal stenosis

* to improve athletic performances 

* fatigue / tension headache 

* whiplash from automobile accidents

* to try a different approach after not finding relief with other methods

Physical consultation ¥7000

Make an appointment to discuss any musculoskeletal concerns before receiving a treatment.  

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