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Our Office

We have both a training studio  equipped with the latest physical therapy equipment and a relaxing massage room.

Our office is located just 3 minutes from the South Exit of Jiyugaoka Station (Toyoko Line and Oimachi Line) on Green Road (Kuhonbutsu-gawa Ryokudou).


After leaving the SouthExit of Jiyugaoka Station, turn left and walk to the next intersection. There is a building called "Fullel With" on the far-left corner.  Turn right here, then turn left at the intersection onto Green Road which is lined with cherry trees and benches.  Our building is located on the left at the corner of the next intersection.  There is a drycleaners and a pancake cafe on the first floor.  The entrance to the building is to the right of the drycleaners.   


Take the elevator up to the 6th floor.  Our office is #601. Please ring the doorbell.

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